What Kind of Day Has It Been?

April 5, 2015 | Blog

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I’d like to point out a tweet from five years ago, courtesy the Time Hop App.

See, apparently once upon a time I really did care about baseball. This was about two months after I had moved to Charlotte.

Now, I care about binge watching Netflix. See what the internet did to me?

Netflix is an annoying little habit that I have. I’ve never taken illegal drugs but I feel the addiction to something like that is similar to my addiction to Netflix. It’s so easy to start a show and then lose five hours of your day.

“Next episode begins in 15…14…13…”

How dare you Netflix? Only giving me 15 seconds to make this big a decision about my life? Only 15 seconds to decide to sit and watch another episode of The West Wing from 12 years ago or every episode of the new season of House of Cards in a day or go do something productive with my time.

I blame you for my procrastination in life.

But The West Wing: a show about the life and times of a Democratic president and his staff and how their lives continuously go in a series of ups and downs based on a difficult to work with Republican opposition.

I couldn’t care less about real world politics. I vote, occasionally, and try to keep up but honestly it’s not my cup of coffee. The West Wing, however, I enjoy. A lot. The show has been over for almost a decade but I still find myself wanting to watch episode after episode as though it’s a brand new thing.

The storylines, the characters, the subtle humor… the walk and talks (something I aspire to be able to do one day on a normal basis); everything about the show is amazing.

It’s the Washington, DC that I’d like to think really does exist.

And then there’s House of Cards, a Netflix Original Series. That’s the Washington, DC that I know really does exist. If you haven’t watched it, make time to do so, just make sure small children aren’t within earshot. The seasons are only 13 episodes long, so it shouldn’t take that long to get through the 3-year-old show.

I discovered 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation through Netflix. I don’t for one second regret watching all of 30 Rock in about a month last summer. I do regret watching all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine over the course of about three months a couple of years ago.

30 Rock though. If you get a chance, do that.

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