I Watched An Entire Baseball Game Once

April 3, 2015 | Blog

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I watched an entire baseball game once. It was tonight. Hey there’s no racing on this weekend. I needed something to do.

The Braves played the Orioles. Atlanta lost 3-2. Surprise. Maybe it’s me?

I didn’t squirm in my seat. I didn’t want to change the channel. I didn’t complain (which is a new concept for me) nor did I make sarcastic remarks about what was happening (also, a new concept for me.)

It’s almost like I never left.

But I did. I couldn’t tell you one person on the team currently. I couldn’t tell you how long they had been on the team either. Through a brief amount of Googling I’ve learned that Atlanta has traded most of the players that I remember from previous seasons. So there’s that. Atleast I’m not completely out of the loop now.

I also know Atlanta is 14-17 in Grapefruit League play this year. I know they open the season at Miami on Monday.

Ok fine, I had to look both of those up on the Google box. But now I know. Maybe I’ll watch?

So there’s no racing on this weekend. It’s the first off weekend of the year for the Sprint Cup Series. It’s not my first off weekend of the year, nor is it the only off weekend I’ve got coming up. I’m not going to Texas next week. I’ll be in Bristol working for “our friends” and then it’s full steam ahead for the end of April and beginning of May at Richmond, Talladega, and Kansas.

It’s almost like the season is half over already, even though we’re nowhere close. I’ve found that with my new reduced schedule the last two years that it’s easier to think of the racing season as small chunks of three or four races in a row instead of it being a 38-weekend schedule. Goes by quicker. Also when October rolls around I find I don’t want to hurt people as much anymore. So there’s some good news.

Oh look Deadliest Catch promo. April 14th is gonna be a good day. Most of my stories are in full stride towards the end of their seasons right now. My stories (a term my great-grandmother used to reference television shows she liked) may be protrusive to this new hobby. I know Netflix binge watching is going to be. But again, I digress.

Anyway, Princess Leah was coming back from buying space groceries when this happened…

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